Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I purchase an Intersecting Hearts® creation?
Intersecting Hearts® is sold online through our official website, or exclusively through our Authorized Retail Partners. To find if you have an authorized retailer in your area, please click on where to buy.
What is so special about Intersecting Hearts® design and concept?
The concept of Intersecting Hearts was born when Michael began researching symbols of love in preparation to propose to his wife. Over and over, regardless of culture, age or era, a universal motif appeared: the heart shape. Michael’s passion grew and sprouted into the idea of two overlapping hearts. To him, the overlay of two hearts created a common area that symbolized the harmonies two people bring into a relationship. Every couple has their own story and it was important for Michael to be able to represent that in a unique, simple design. The overlapping of two hearts creates a design element that Michael calls “Blossom”, resembling two budding leaves. The budding leaves symbolize the love that has sprouted and the love that will grow.
Where can I find information regarding prices?
You will find pricing for our engagement/wedding rings on our official website. These prices are for engagement rings or semi-mounts (Semi mount is a ring that is complete and finished WITHOUT a center stone or center diamond). We do offer the option to add and purchase diamonds as a center stone to your order that will fit your style and budget; However, if purchasing a diamond is not yet an option, but would like to get an engagement ring, when ordered without a center stone, as a default Intersecting Hearts will ship your engagement ring with a Cubic Zirconia (CZ) as a center stone for NO EXTRA CHARGE (an $80.00 Value).
Does an Intersecting Hearts® engagement ring include the center diamond?
Intersecting Hearts® rings are sold without a center stone (Industry call them Semi Mounts). However we do offer diamonds at great prices from our diamond suppliers, we do offer all major certified diamonds such as GIA, AGS, and IGI.
Does my Intersecting Hearts engagement bands come in a ring box?
Yes, Intersecting Hearts will send your purchase in an insured package with a beautifully made ring box along with our signature poem scroll.
Can I customize my Intersecting Hearts® ring?
Yes, our craftsman can make your dreams come true. We will handcraft the design for your requested finger size, metal, desired center diamond shape and size. In fact, most requests can be accommodated, just send us an email and let us know what changes or request you have and we will be in contact to discuss such changes. Also, our authorized retail partners will work with you every step of the process to create your perfect, custom ring. We only ask that you give us time. An original work of art is something that can never be rushed.
How do I determine my ring size, also can my Intersecting Hearts® engagement ring and wedding band be sized after purchase?
The best way to determine the accurate ring size is to visit one of our skilled Authorized Retail Partners who will measure your finger. And “Yes” the majority of Intersecting Hearts rings can be sized easily by jewelers; however, if a special finger size is needed please contact us to discuss the possibility of having a customized ring made for you.
Are all Intersecting Hearts® design on the website?
Most Intersecting Hearts® designs are on the website, however some custom creations or older designs may not be listed. If there is a specific design you are trying to locate, you may contact us and we will help you.
How can I find the perfect matching wedding band for my engagement ring?
There are several options available to help you find your engagement ring's perfectly matching band. The quickest way is to use the search bar at the top right of this site. Type in your engagement ring design number or collection name. After clicking on your engagement ring's detail page link, locate the link 'view matching band details. This link is positioned under the design description. This link will direct you to your engagement ring's perfectly matching band. You may also email us directly or contact your Authorized Intersecting Hearts® Retailer.
What metal choices do I have?
Our jewelry is available in the following metals and colors: o 14 karat: White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or any combination of both. o 18 karat: White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or any combination of both. o Platinum or a combination of Platinum and Gold.
What quality are the Intersecting Hearts® diamonds and Gemstones?
All of our side diamonds are of (GH or higher) color, and a clarity (SI or higher). They are of high-quality cut diamonds to bring the best brilliance and shine in your ring.
What is an authorized Intersecting Hearts® retail partner?
An Authorized Intersecting Hearts® Retail Partner is a carefully chosen, extraordinarily skilled, professional and knowledgeable fine jewelry retailer. They're the only ones we trust to carry and care for Intersecting Hearts® jewelry as well as help you narrow down your choices. They can offer any assistance you need to fully understand all our customization options, availability and final pricing. And best of all, you can finally try on our creations in their stores.
Where are Intersecting Hearts® products made?
Our Product is 100% made in the U.S.A. In order to ensure that all Intersecting Hearts® products are created with the utmost care and quality. We are proud to have our product designed in Michigan and made in Chicago, Illinois.
How can I find out more information regarding a particular engagement ring, wedding band or collection?
For general information, please click on the Collections tab on the official Intersecting Hearts® website. Should you have a more detailed question, please visit your nearest Authorized Retailer or submit your question to our Contact Us page.