Artfully Created

Designed and Made in USA

            You’ve come to us for a gorgeously-designed and handcrafted engagement ring that captures the deep love of your intersecting hearts. For our company, it’s a similar story. We launched in 2014 and are entirely USA-based:

  • All pieces are designed in Michigan, where founder and jewelry artist Michael Nashef applies his 20 years of jewelry and fashion experience to bring you a wide array of designs. 
  • The rings are manufactured on Wabash Street in Chicago, commonly called Jeweler’s Row, where the engagement rings are made with high-quality craftsmanship and materials, guaranteed.

We and our manufacturer are committed to responsible business practices. You’ll be impressed by our high environmental standards:

  • 100% recycled gold, platinum, and silver products
  • Conflict-free diamond sourcing

We can provide a list of our manufacturer’s business practices when requested.

We are proud to manufacture exclusively in the USA from design concept all the way to the finished product. Our process thus creates a perfect circle in that your purchase is a product of, and contributes to, the United States economy.

When you purchase from Intersecting Hearts, you can feel confident that:

  • You are truly supporting a US-based and family-owned company.
  • We are competitively priced for a US-based company, with the result similar to or cheaper than an outsourced product.

You are going to love the high-quality craftsmanship of your engagement ring as much as it will display the love you share with your partner.

Bench Work
Designer Michael Nashef setting a stone in a ring.