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Intersecting Hearts® by Michael S. Nashef – Where True Love Meets™

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(PORTAGE, Mich.) – Each love story is unique. Jewelry designer Michael S. Nashef sought to create a bridal set that was as exceptional as his love for his fiancée. In his research for symbols of love, over and over, regardless of culture, age, or era, a universal motif appeared: The heart shape. Nashef developed a new twist on this time-honored icon, and the concept of Intersecting Hearts® was born.

Nashef discovered self-expression through design at an early age. At his father’s leather factory, he and his brother designed their own backpacks for school. Unfortunately, civil war in his home country lead to the Nashef family losing their factory. To start a new life the family immigrated to the United States in 1998. One of the few things Michael was able to bring with him was his passion for creating finely-crafted woodworking and jewelry.

In 2006, Michael became the first graduate of the Metal/Jewelry design program at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI, where his avocation became his vocation, designing and creating one-of-a-kind pieces made of gold, silver, and unique gemstones. Inspired by travel, nature, and architecture, Michael incorporates elements from these things into his work.“I have always believed that each person is unique. When two unique people come together in love, they still remain individuals, but now their hopes, dreams and desires intersect, as their lives grow into a new life together. My Intersecting Hearts® design represents this joining of two hearts. The bud like shape which I refer to as the ‘Harmony shape’ formed by the intersection of two hearts represents a lifetime of growing love.”

Intersect1 Intersect2

Organic in nature, each piece in the collection is named with an Italian word signifying the design: Puro (pure), Caldo (warm), Momento (moment). Crafted in the USA, and available in gold or platinum, each ring in the Intersecting Hearts® collection has the “Harmony shape” to represent the story of each couple.Presently, the Intersecting Hearts® collection is available in several states and expanding. For more information, visit www.intersectinghearts.com.